Meet Visual Artist  

Amiri Richardson-Keys

With Richmond, VA as the backdrop to his beginnings, Amiri naturally found artistic appreciation for culture.  His city birthed the beginning of his exploration and love for art through graffiti, design and cartoon characters in his adolescent years.  Later he realized it was not just an interest, it was indeed a passion to create artistically.  Amiri enjoys creating images of love and art that speaks to the people and cultural awareness.  


"As an African-American artist, I want to represent love in each piece by utilizing colors and lines that connect the audience to my thoughts and feelings.  Art to me is the best form of unspoken communication.  It allows you to express your emotions, beliefs and views of subjects and situations.  There are no rules to art, you must create from within to remain authentic to yourself."

© 2020 by Amiri Richardson-Keys.