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Meet Amiri Richardson-Keys. Richmond, Virginia native. Husband. Father. Son. Brother. Mentor. Entrepreneur. Artist.  Educator.  No matter which title you choose, you will find Amiri living the best version of his life. 

Art found him when he was seven years old. As the oldest son of a single mother, the mischievousness that only a seven-year-old could discover often landed him in trouble at home — he took refuge from his punishment in drawing cartoon characters and graffiti letters. This was his therapy.

Amiri's life has been influenced by the powerful, black, educated women that have birthed, raised, inspired and loved him.  These women embodied self-confidence, tenacity and strength and showed him how love of family is a necessity to empower the Black community. 


Amiri states, "I often depict the balance of black women of all ages in my art with the bold, colorful, vivid imagery you see today. I am a fearless Artist who is proud to celebrate strong Black women, family values, music, and the fullness of African-American culture.

Every painting is unique; the art often informs me of the narrative.  The canvas speaks powerfully so that I can share my views without speaking.  Art is the best form of unspoken communication. My work allows me to express emotions, beliefs, and views about topics that pique my curiosity.  My artistry fulfills my soul, and I only hope that others will find inspiration and meaning in their own lives through my work.  As an African-American artist, I am challenged and charged to affirm Black love in each painting by utilizing my vision, colors and lines to connect the audience to my thoughts." 

When Amiri is not creating art, you will find him with his family, modeling Black Manhood for his four adult and teen sons, exhibiting how a King should treat his two teen daughters and emulating healthy, generational norms for his grandson.  You will also find him sharing a heartbeat with his wife and lifetime partner, Cindy. Together, he, his wife, children and grandchildren run their family business, The ARTS Community Center located in Chesterfield, VA.


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