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Artist Statement

In my art, I seek to celebrate and elevate the profound beauty, resilience, and strength of the African American community, with a particular focus on black women, children, and the essence of the black family. Through my work, I strive to illuminate the timeless bonds that unite us and the stories that have often gone untold.Black women, with their grace and determination, are the heart and soul of our community. I aim to capture their multifaceted identities, their struggles, and their triumphs, using vivid colors and intricate details to convey the depth of their experiences.Children, as the future, represent the hope and promise of our community. I portray their innocence and exuberance, creating a visual narrative that reminds us to invest in their growth and empowerment.The black family, a cornerstone of our culture, is a source of inspiration and strength. My art reflects the unity, love, and resilience that define black families, showcasing the beauty in their everyday lives.Through my work, I hope to encourage dialogue, healing, and empowerment within the African American community, reinforcing the importance of unity, love, and self-discovery. Art is a powerful tool for sparking change and affirming our worth, and I am honored to contribute to this ongoing conversation.

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